Tackling the tech talent shortage

Connecting high-level talent to the best companies worldwide

At a time when businesses are looking to get back on track following the upheaval caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, seize opportunities and future-proof against upcoming challenges, harnessing technology has never been so important. Whether born-tech or tech-adapted (those for which technology was not initially core to the business), organisations of all dimensions need access to the right technology talent to succeed.

This report investigates technology hiring trends, with insights from Robert Half’s expert team of technology specialists, designed to help businesses get ahead when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. Organisations no longer have the upper hand when it comes to hiring and recruitment for technology roles, and many hirers are having to adapt to focus on what might have previously been thought of as ‘nice-to-haves’ as a result.

Setting your business apart in the eyes of candidates is increasingly difficult in today’s competitive market. Without understanding what is happening within the hiring market and observing how your competition is responding, it is hard to know where you stand and how to give your business its best chance to secure outstanding talent. As a talent solutions provider, we are seeing how the fierce war for talent is affecting organisations every day, as well as the expectations of candidates – and sharing those insights can help hirers and jobseekers understand the state of the technology hiring market, both now and looking forward to 2023.